10 Most Badass Daredevil Moments

9. Setting Criminal Organisations Against Each Other

Marvel Comics

With all the brawls and beatdowns, it’d be easy to forget here and there that - aside from some sweet sense powers - Daredevil’s real strength is his intelligence. Seeing him escape from having five separate guns pointed at him at the beginning of the Omegadrive storyline is a strong reminder of that - as he essentially avoids being shot by telling them they can't.

Despite how this sounds, it’s a genius gambit. As Daredevil explains to them, in order for one of them to kill the tech he has, they will need to kill the other four henchmen - which will leave their organisations chasing after the survivor, and result in a turf war between the factions.

It’s not the epic, action-packed chase you may initially have anticipated – but getting to walk out of a room where five guys are pointing guns at you just because you’re good with words is actually more badass than an action sequence would have been.


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