10 Most Believable Rumours About The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Not every outlandish rumour is untrue.


Marvel Studios is one of the biggest brands around but all of that attention can be a double-edged sword. Because of all the interest in their large slate of films, it seems like they're facing a never-ending barrage of rumours, internet reports and fan-driven speculation.

Most of these can be dismissed out of hand as many of these rumours have been proven false before. Remember when people thought Marvel had secretly re-acquired the Fantastic Four rights? How about the notion that Robert Redford was playing the Red Skull in disguise? Just because these developments were promising didn’t cause them to be true.

There are, however, plenty of rumours concerning the MCU that sound decidedly more plausible. Whether because they line up with how Marvel’s operated before or because they seem like the simplest answer to some of the MCU’s unanswered questions, these specific rumours don't appear to be full of crap.

Beyond that, some truth to certain reports would mark encouraging directions for their properties. These are rumours people should actively be hoping to be true as they would mark interesting developments for every one of Marvel’s upcoming films.

Not all of these will turn out to be true, but with all of the nonsense floating around, these are the most compelling rumours surrounding the MCU.


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