10 Most Depressing Things About Justice League

The legion of gloom.

Warner Bros.

Don't let the banter-heavy trailers fool you, Justice League will be no laughing matter when it arrives in November.

DC and Warner Bros are determined to avoid a repeat of the joyless superhero slog that was Batman V Superman, but no amount of Joss Whedon's post-production expertise is going to fix its biggest problems.

First some context... Justice League follows on from the events of Dawn of Justice and will find Batman and Wonder Woman on a mission to recruit a team of mighty heroes in preparation for an incoming alien invasion led by the New God Steppenwolf.

The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg will heed the rallying cries, and it's inevitable that Superman will also join the group at some point - death is only a minor and temporary setback when you're the Last Son of Krypton.

Zack Snyder started out in the director's chair to maintain his vision for the DC Extended Universe, the roots of which stretch back to 2013's Man of Steel, but was unable to see out the project following a family tragedy.

Trailer and teaser footage from Justice League suggest we're in for a different experience to Batman V Superman's masterclass in misery, but it's given us just as many reasons to be pessimistic.


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