10 Most Depressing Things About Justice League

10. Expectations Are Too High

Warner Bros.

Seeing some of the greatest heroes ever to grace the world of comic books unite on screen for the first time is kind of a big deal. They have to get this right or there'll be six separate fans bases clamouring for blood.

After Batman V Superman's tonal misfire and Suicide Squad's critical panning, expectations were low enough to make a Zack Snyder-helmed Justice League movie passable, but Diana Prince has changed everything.

Wonder Woman raised the bar for the DC Cinematic Universe with her stellar solo debut no less than six months ago, and its difficult to imagine the team-up project living up to the new standards it has set.

This is largely down to the fundamental differences in approach between Snyder and Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins, with the latter filmmaker's take on heroism imbued with optimism and humanity.

Snyder's heroes exist in a world seemingly devoid of altruism and human decency, where gods clash without regard for collatoral damage, but embracing these elements was the key to Jenkins's successful portrayal of the Amazon warrior.

So here's the problem Wonder Woman's success has posed for Warner and DC: Justice League must now do justice to Wonder Woman and live up to revised expectations laid down by the DCEU's first unequivocal hit.

Snyder is faced with the challenge of marrying two opposing creative visions - his fondness for hero deconstruction and Jenkins's penchant for relatability, and that's an impossible task.


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