10 Most Emotional Comic Book Moments Of The Decade

Celebrating a whole ten years of crying over comics.

DC Comics

If there's one thing that keeps us engaged in comics, it's the emotional engagement we have with the characters. It's what gives fights stakes, what gives dialogue meaning, and what generally gets us coming back for more.

While this often involves some seriously sad moments, comics aren't exclusively a place of misery, suffering and grimdark brooding. They're just as easily capable of creating some heartwarming moments that genuinely make you feel good, as the emotional pay-off of seeing a character who's been through hell and back get a reprieve from their tireless fighting, stirs some feelings that are usually only provoked by wholesome Christmas adverts and particularly cute dogs.

And the past decade has been a veritable hotbed for these touching moments, with almost every storyline containing some dialogue or scene that hits you right in the place where your heart is, should you have one.

With emotional reunions, brotherly bonds, and the occasional zombie, it seems the goal of some comics is to see how quickly they can reduce you to heartfelt tears in the space of their series. And by god, they achieve that goal - and then some.


I like my comics like I like my coffee - in huge, unquestionably unhealthy doses.