10 Most Emotional Spider-Man Stories Ever

With great power comes a great excuse to cry.

Marvel Comics

Anyone familiar with Spider-Man is also familiar with the insane amount of emotional moments tucked into the character's story. Whether it's Tom Holland's heartbreaking monologue in the final scenes of Endgame, or any of his most tragic points in the comics, it seems the arachnid superstar is endlessly proving us with gutwrenching moments of love, loss, and everything between.

In a way, it's exactly this that makes Spider-Man such a relatable hero. While fans love to joke about the cursed 'Parker luck', seeing Peter face so much loss makes him painfully understandable, and makes the moments where he uses his grief to grow all the more inspiring.

And with there now being almost sixty years of Spider-Man comics to choose between, there's no shortage of poignant stories starring the people's favourite arachnid-person. Between tragic deaths, poignant bonds, and the occasional child-eating lizard, it's really a surprise that comic fans don't burst into tears the literal moment you mention Peter Parker - although after reading this list, that may all change.

If you thought Uncle Ben's death was sad, welcome to a whole new world of pain.

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