10 Most Heartbreaking X-Men Moments In Comics History

Wolverine... how could you?!

Marvel Comics

One of the many reasons why the X-Men have remained such an important staple of comic book culture is because the franchise is filled to the brim with emotion.

The series has always had a lot in common with soap opera drama, with each storyline being emotionally investing to remind readers just how heartbreaking a few vibrant panels can be.

One of the things that makes X-Men so heart-wrenching is because of how relatable the franchise has always been to real life issues. Most of us know how the comic book series was originally created as a direct response to the Civil Rights Movement. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby crafted the idea of mutants delicately as an allegory for how black people were treated by white people, the latter being represented in the comics by humans.

When a comic book can hit notes that collide so similarly with real life situations, it's hard for the content to not strike a cord with readers. The X-Men have done so time and time again ever since the first issue hit the shelves in 1963.


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