10 Most Important Events In Batman History

What events really define the Dark Knight?

DC Comics

Despite being one of the most interesting characters in DC's roster, trying to recommend Batman comics to a fan can be an absolute guessing game due to his extensive history. For those who aren't dyed in the wool Bat-dorks, working out where each comic fits into the often convoluted timeline of the Dark Knight can feel a bit like a Riddler trap, especially with Batman's franchise being no stranger to a big old reboot.

As such, it's worth knowing which events are most integral to both the Batman franchise and the character's progression, so regardless of which comics you pick up, you've got all the Batfacts you need to carry you through without having to sneakily google something to be up to speed with the storyline.

And the one blessing of our favourite Kevlar-clad crusader is that, while he has a whole lot of comics, the amount that contain absolutely vital details are surprisingly sparse, meaning that covering the most crucial parts of Bruce's life and superhero career takes far less effort than you'd initially assume.

Which isn't to say his life is boring, however, as between time travel, a bird-based Illuminati, and a sprinkling of major character deaths, Bruce Wayne's days are seldom ever dull.


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