10 Most Inappropriate Spider-Man Storylines

With great responsibility comes repressed sexuality.

Marvel Comics

It's no secret that Spider-Man storylines are more often than not crammed full of weird and wild moments. With clones, twins, secret pregnancies and arduous affairs found in some of the more boring Spider-Man issues, there is well and truly no limit for just how strange a comic starring our favourite web-slinger is allowed to get - which has resulted in some of the hero's best comics, some of his worst comics, and all of his most hilarious.

In many ways, this is down to Peter Parker's everyman persona, as he's so relatable that you can place him in just about any situation and still have fans remain engaged (even if they're only interested at how much weirder Parker's life can become).

And while the boundaries are occasionally crossed - for example, Spider-Man birthing himself crosses lines that humanity hasn't even invented yet - it's surprising just how often these weird moments seem almost normal because of the constant roller coaster ride that is Peter's life.

Hate them or love them, Spider-Man will always have more than his fair share of strange and inappropriate moments - and it's hard not to cherish him that little bit extra for it.


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