10 Most Messed Up Moments In Marvel Comics

Proving DC isn't always the dark one.

Marvel Comics

Historically, Marvel has been regarded as the less dark and more vibrant of the comic franchises. With the surplus of bright and funny films they’ve churned out in the past decade, this concept has become solidified – after all, what’s a Marvel film without a bit of humour?

However, this light and cheerful perception hides a series of the darkest comics to have seen publication. Not only did the franchise go through a kind of emo phase – killing off characters in the most brutal and bloodthirsty manner possible – Marvel also have some of the most genuinely traumatising villains around.

With questionable surgeries, cannibalism and a room full of still-alive human heads being only a scant few of the horrors the House of Ideas has cooked up in their past, you know they have some real skeletons in their comic closet.

10. Sentry Rips His Face in Half

Marvel Comics

If there's one universal trait humans possess, it's that they don't particularly like seeing someone rip their own face in half. As such, Sentry's decision to go full psycho in Uncanny Avengers is super uncomfortable on several levels.

The unexpected nature plays a large role in this. When you see someone grab their face, you don’t automatically expect them to open their face up like a bag of crisps – so it’s just a tad surprising when somebody does. However, he does do this directly before taking on Thor, which also makes it one of the most effective intimidation strategies to date.

Given this issue also contains Wolverine being traumatised by his recently revived son, it’s safe to say the writers and artist probably needed a break after creating this one.


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