10 Most Powerful Avengers Ever

10. Storm

Marvel Comics

Fans know Storm well from her time as a member of the X-Men, but that's not the only group Ororo Monroe has joined over the years. Like many others in the Marvel Universe, she has joined forces with Earth's Mightiest Heroes to become one of the Avengers.

She joined up with the team back in 2011's Avengers #19 to help increase their ranks to combat the forces of Norman Osborn and HAMMER. At the time, she was the Queen of Wakanda, and it was her husband T'Challa who recommended her to the team.

Eventually, her time in the Avengers ended when the Avengers vs. X-Men event came about, but while she was on the rolls, she was easily one of their most powerful members.

In terms of power, Storm has the ability to completely control the weather through a unique form of psionic manipulation. This means she can control the atmospheric pressure, modify the temperature of a large area, form any type of weather pattern she desires, shoot off intense bolts of lightning, and fly about with ease. In addition to her vast array of Mutant abilities, she has proven herself to be a brilliant tactician and military leader.


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