10 Most Powerful Weapons In Marvel History

9. The Crimson Gem Of Cyttorak

Marvel Comics

The Octessence was a group of powerful mystical entities who decided to launch a wager to determine who was the strongest of them all. Each member created an item or totem within which they imbued a portion of their power.

Cyttorak put together a nice, purple gem and went on to cheat the rules a little bit. The wager was structured such that an Exemplar would be created when the first mortal touched their item, but Cytorrak created an avatar on Earth outside of the rules: the Juggernaut!

That's right, the strongest and meanest armored thug in the Marvel Universe, Cain Marko, became the Juggernaut who went on to terrorize pretty much anyone who got in his way.

Only the tiniest fraction of the Gem's power transfers to whoever touches it, but recently, Marko absorbed all of its energy to become the Trion Juggernaut. At this level, he was capable of altering the state of matter and energy in the fabric of the universe.


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