10 Most Powerful Weapons In Marvel History

7. The Odinsword

Marvel Comics

Thor isn't the only Asgardian with impressive weaponry, because Odin has a gigantic sword named after him. The Odinsword has been depicted in various ways, but when it was first introduced in Journey Into Mystery #177, it was a gigantic sword and sheath.

The weapon was described as the most powerful in the Asgardian Armory and it was said that were it ever drawn from its sheath, the Universe itself would come to a violent and destructive end.

Over the years, the threat of drawing the sword was enough to make powerful enemies turn and flee from Asgard - it was that renowned. It finally was pulled from its sheath and used during a battle, but it took the Celestials to draw it out.

Odin donned the Destroyer Armor and increased his size to the point he could draw the Odinsword. He used the weapon against the giant space gods and damaged them, but they regenerated and won the fight. Eventually, the sword was shrunken down so Thor could use it to battle the Serpent, the God of Fear, during the Fear Itself event.


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