10 New Year 2018 Resolutions Marvel Comics Should Make

1. Support Comics So They Can Develop An Audience

Black Panther and The Crew
Marvel Comics/Marguerite Sauvage

By far the most frustrating thing about Marvel's year was how many fan-favourite books they ended up cancelling. Black Panther and the Crew only got two issues in before it was marked for cancellation, and both America and Hawkeye were cancelled a little over a year since their initial debuts. Irrespective of your thoughts on those titles, it's evident that Marvel aren't doing enough to support their own comics.

Marketing, at times, feels like an afterthought, and some books get no time at all to develop a following before they're pulled off shelves. Arguing that fans aren't doing enough to support them either (as has been the case recently), feels remarkably tactless, especially when - as previously mentioned - not all fans are able to support books right off the bat, instead preferring to wait for trades to release later in the year.

Marvel have the biggest potential audience for a comics publisher out there, and yet we're still waiting for them to capitalise on it fully. Comics aren't advertised on TV, film, or anywhere else (in fact it's the reverse, bizarrely, where TV shows and films are advertised in comics), and we've even seen creators themselves pick up the slack in the absence of real support.

Something has to change this year, and it's the kind of change that will only come with a concerted effort from top to bottom, at every level of the industry.

Do you have any resolutions in mind for Marvel? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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