10 New Year 2018 Resolutions Marvel Comics Should Make

10. Out With The Variants, In With Something Else

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Variant covers are, for the most part, a neat little bonus. They add extra value to certain collections, give fans a chance to opt for another, well, cover, and shine a spotlight on certain artists. The problem for Marvel last year, however, was that they kind of overshadowed the books themselves, so much so that - prior to the release of Marvel Legacy - certain retailers opted to boycott the event altogether, owed to the company's insistence that they order even more comics to guarantee stores would get the variants themselves.

It was yet another controversy that Marvel could've avoided, but the strangest thing about Legacy's launch (apart from the fact the publisher managed to actually spoil their own reveal in an online preview), was that it felt out of touch. Fans just aren't that fussed on variant covers, and would much rather Marvel focussed on what's actually in their comics rather than what lies on the surface.

Legacy could've been Marvel's answer to DC Rebirth, but instead, the publisher opted to make variants the focus in the months leading up to its release. It's totally needless, and while variants continue to populate store shelves everywhere, they should be considered a bonus, rather than the crux of the entire platform itself.

It's not guaranteed that Marvel will force another rebrand of their comics going forward, but given the lukewarm reaction to the Legacy brand itself, don't be surprised if Marvel Now! redux makes an appearance.

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