10 Outdated Superhero Costumes In Desperate Need Of A Redesign

You do know they make ladies clothes that cover the chest... right?

Marvel Comics

Comic books have been around for almost a century now, and in that time they’ve undergone a huge evolution. As the reader base has grown to include adults as well as children, storylines have often become grittier and more adult. The added influx from the popularity of the movies has seen the fanbase swell recently, and comic book heroes find themselves under the cultural microscope like never before.

Some characters have grown with the times, with the likes of Iron Man developing new and ever more futuristic tech, or the Invisible Woman ditching her ridiculous '4 cutout' on her cleavage. Others still, like Spider-Man, haven’t really needed much doing to their core design since their debut.

This list isn’t concerned with either of those though. Instead, it takes a look at characters who have failed or refused to grow with the times (like Invisible Woman if she had never ditched her 4 crop top).

They aren’t all examples of heavy handed sexualisation, but given comics books were historically aimed at men, a lot of them are. They aren’t all characters who’ve never changed either, but sometimes the change misunderstands the original flaws and the new design is just as outdated as the old.


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