10 Outrageous Justice League Moments That Won’t Be In The Movie

Darkseid probably won't be beaten in a chess game.

DC Comics

Ever since Marvel struck movie gold with Avengers, DC have been racing to catch up. Now, they're finally ready to take the next big step to join Earth's Mightiest Heroes with this years Justice League movie.

Whether it will soar to the same level of love that Marvel's films have been enjoying or crash and burn like Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad remains to be seen. However, one thing is for certain, it won't match the same level of lunacy that some of the comics have got up to.

The Justice League has been up and running since the 60's and its adventures have continued pretty constantly throughout the decades, through numerous line-up changes and even whole new iterations of the team. Of course, with so many pages to fill, fresh ideas can be hard to come by.

Luckily, comics are a medium that allow for a virtually limitless number of stories to be told and so, when you're in need of a plot, you can always just chuck out a random alternate universe or a not so subtle dig at the competition.

There are a whole host of great comic storylines that the Justice League movie could take inspiration from. These ten probably aren't going to be among them.


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