10 Questionable Criticisms Of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Leave Lex Luthor alone.

Warner Bros. Pictures

For such a disappointing movie, it's unsurprising that Batman V Superman was absolutely savaged by critics. Everything from the general tone to minuscule plot details were examined, with no element of the film safe from criticism. 

In particular, critics targeted the film's logic. They may have been harsh, but it’s hard to argue with questions about why people would believe Superman had killed those African soldiers with bullets, or why he would let Luthor’s henchman just drive away at the docks.

The movie undeniably had a lot of problems, but that doesn’t mean that every single complaint holds water. Certain writers seemed a little overzealous to tear down every facet of this film and not all of their criticisms made complete sense.

With everyone piling on to the film, some of the complaints proved to be a little ridiculous and fairly defensible. Sure, a lot of it still could have been better but that doesn’t mean the film was completely without merit. 

Batman V Superman had some positives, and in their efforts to discredit the film, some critics put aside logic to attack them anyway. These rebuttals don’t make up for the finished product, but they certainly help to show that not every bad word about the film was justified.


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