10 Radical Ideas To Reboot Wolverine On Film

He's the best there is at what he does. But enough about Hugh Jackman, RIP.


It’s now six months since the premiere of Logan, the last appearance of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Set a dozen years in the future, and six years after the happy ending at the tail end of Days Of Future Past, this effectively represented the bleak, and-then-they-all-burst-into-flames coda to the X-Men franchise.

Or did it? Since Fox have committed to making X-Men movies into the foreseeable future, and since X-Men continuity even before Logan’s release resembled nothing so much as a tangled bag of hair, we can be forgiven for being sceptical.

This isn’t the end of the X-Men… and, Jackman’s retirement from the franchise notwithstanding, this clearly isn’t the end of Wolverine.

The question then becomes: how exactly are Fox going to bring the character back? Answering that would require one to be both a X-Movie expert and a thirty-year devotee of the comic books they’re loosely adapted from. Well, you're in luck.

Here they are, then: ten increasingly outlandish ideas to bring the Wolverine character back to the big screen again. Oh, and here be spoilers for those of you who’ve not yet seen the films in question.


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