10 Reasons Rocksteady's Next Arkham Game Should Be Batwoman

Forget Superman. Rocksteady should stay in Gotham for the next adventure...

Batwoman Arkham
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Despite there being rumours surrounding both Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Montreal's next projects, the Arkham series has effectively been on ice for the past four years. There was Arkham VR, sure - and even Return to Arkham - but the point still stands that this is probably way longer than anyone initially envisioned they'd have to wait for another main entry in the franchise.

Over at Montreal, it's become clear that the studio's planned Suicide Squad game was scrapped around 2016. A project focused on Damian Wayne quickly followed, but it now looks as though the studio have shifted development to work on a sequel to 2013's underrated Batman: Arkham Origins, with the Court of Owls as the principle antagonists.

If you thought details were relatively hard to come by as far as Montreal are concerned however, then Rocksteady have practically gone silent. The studio remain tight-lipped and while there's been talk of games centred around Superman and the Justice League, those with insider knowledge refuse to budge.

While that might be the case, there's a character no one's brought up that would provide the perfect platform to further explore the Arkhamverse, and her name is Batwoman. So here's why Rocksteady should seriously contemplate a Batwoman title, even if they said they're done with Batman...

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