10 Reasons To Be Excited For DC's New Age Of Heroes

Spinning out of Metal, DC will be bringing the new heroes!

DC Comics

Originally announced as Dark Matter, DC's New Age of Heroes will introduce a number of new comics series and brand new superheroes to their universe of characters, inspired by the long history of the DC Universe.

Spinning out of the currently running event Dark Nights: Metal by Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion and FCO Plascencia, many DC creatives will have some involvement with the newly revealed Dark Multiverse and in particular the Dark Matter that the event has introduced.

There's a lot to be excited about in the line of new titles, from intriguing new concepts, a willingness to explore and experiment with new themes and genres, and the involvement of a number of the biggest names in the industry.

DC's New Age of Heroes might have a bit of something for everyone...

10. Budget Prices And No Variants

DC Comics

As part of keeping the line of new characters and concepts something that fans can get stuck in to on top of their current pull lists, the prices of the books are kept low and there won't be hundreds of variant covers to bankrupt hardcore collectors.

Of late, fans have had a growing distaste of a staple comics collecting gimmick: variant covers. This has mainly been because, for hardcore collectors who like to get every one, it's an expensive endeavour when each issue has a large amount of variant cover designs to collect.

Also, it goes without saying: buying comics is not an inexpensive hobby. Single issues can cost around $5 or higher in the US, and when you consider that - on average - a comic is 20 pages long and can be read in five minutes, that's a lot of money for a small chunk of entertainment in the long-run.

However, DC have made a few promises with the New Age of Heroes. Firstly, the comics will not have variant covers, meaning everyone gets the same cover and there's no need to go hunting for a specific design; secondly, the comics will all stick to the cost of $2.99 per issue, keeping the cost relatively low for readers.

And it isn't like the comics won't have some kind of gimmick with them: each first issue has a tri-fold cover, where the cover images folds out vertically, not horizontally, and features a tall image about the title.


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