10 Reasons To Look Forward To Doomsday Clock

1. This Story Will Complete The Rebirth

DC Comics

DC Universe Rebirth #1 started the journey that renewed DC's heroes. Doomsday Clock will likely complete it.

We've looked at the big fight. We've looked at how the mystery of Rebirth will be answered. But there's more to it than that.

Doomsday Clock will, in all likelihood, complete the over year long story of DC Rebirth, and see the Rebirth fully spread out.

What does this mean? Well, likely more returns, likely more diversifying of the DC line to include stories both hopeful and bright and dark and gritty; the JSA, the Legion, and maybe even more.

Ultimately, it will quite probably see a fresh start, a new jumping on point from DC to bring in readers old and new.

Rebirth has already managed to do this pretty damn successfully, with DC also getting a fair amount of critical acclaim with their books since the reboot. As Doomsday Clock draws to its close and sees the who DC Universe catch up with its story, it's safe to say that this will be a culmination and a move forward for the company and the DC Universe on a whole, and it could be the biggest change in a good long while.

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