10 Reasons To Look Forward To Doomsday Clock

10. Moving On From The Alan Moore Inspirations


A great deal of recent DC stories, especially by Geoff Johns, were inspired by Alan Moore's ideas. With this tale, perhaps we'll move on from this trend.

It's in pretty much everything. From his time on Green Lantern and the event, Blackest Night, Johns built upon a small, almost throwaway piece of history in an old Alan Moore comic starring the Green Lanterns.

It led to the exploration of the emotional spectrum, the formation of Yellow, Red, Indigo and Orange Lanterns, among others, and characters like Sodam Yat.

So yes, Johns was inspired by Moore and his works clearly, but he also has built upon those old stories and often small elements to create vast, multileveled histories, structures and stories that have gone on the fuel the DC Universe for years.

And now it seems Johns is getting inspiration from Moore's greatest, most well-known work, The Watchmen.

It makes sense - Watchmen, when it came out, was one of the comics that saw a complete change in direction for the future of comics as a whole, not just at DC, as Moore and artist Dave Gibbons created a masterpiece of the form. But it also arguably led to the introduction of darkness and 'grim 'n' gritty' to comics storytelling, something that audiences now are starting to turn away from in the pursuit of something more hopeful and positive.

So Johns looking for inspiration here makes sense, even if taking the Watchmen into the fold of the DC Universe proper is a controversial choice (Moore famously is not on the best of terms with DC, which is putting it mildly, ostensibly over his treatment surrounding this book's rights).

However, hopefully, this will prove to be the end of it for Johns. Johns can find inspiration in other old stories or continue building on the universe as it stands without pulling out old plot threads. Only time will tell, but if one were to end their excavation of an old writer's work, waiting until you've drawn from their masterpiece is a good time to do it.


Joe is a comic book writer out of South Wales, writing LGBTQ+ superhero series The Pride and also co-writing Welsh horror comedy series, Stiffs. He's also a comics reporter and reviewer who works with Bleeding Cool and now WhatCulture too. So he makes comics and talks about comics, but there's more to him too. Somewhere.