10 Spider-Man Moments That Shocked The World

The web-slinger might be adored by fans, but he hasn't had the happiest existence ever...

Marvel Comics

Spider-Man has been a staple of Marvel publishing since the character first debuted in Amazing Fantasy #15 back in 1962. Since that time, the Amazing Spider-Man comic has gone on to become one of Marvel's biggest sellers, and even more than that, one of the most identifiable comic book characters in the world.

Because of his popularity and longevity on the market, Peter Parker has appeared in a ton of stories. While most of the tales told about our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man are well-written and engrossing, some have been outright shocking with more than a few pushing some fans to cancel their subscriptions.

Whether you love him or hate him, it's hard to deny Spider-Man's place in pop culture, but given that there have been hundreds of artists and writers who have worked on his books over the years, it's not too surprising to learn that many of his stories have put a few people off comics for good.

While many of his arcs are memorable for genuinely great reasons, the following 10 are often considered to be the most shocking of all. That's not to say they aren't excellent stories told in an incredible book or anything, but these 10 Spider-Man moments were simply shocking in their brutality, cringiness, and sometimes because of the bold nature of their storytelling.


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