10 Terrible Comic Book Covers Marvel Wants You To Forget

8. The Empire Strikes Back Weekly #125

Marvel Comics

Star Wars is one of the most financially successful franchises in the history of film, which is why it should come as no surprise that it has been ported over into the world of comics. Marvel published a number of comics under the Star Wars header pretty much as soon as the first movie came out, which is why they hopped on The Empire Strikes Back when that movie was released.

The comics supplemented or retold the stories told in the movies and have become classics in and of themselves, but not every one is a winner. The one most fans recall as not being even remotely adequate has got to be The Empire Strikes Back Weekly #125.

By the time this book was published in 1980, everyone in the world knew what the characters from the movies looked like... except for the artist who knocked out this cover.

Strangely, Carmine Infantino's work on Star Wars comics looked like the characters from the movies, but not this title. It's obvious who they are, but Chewie doesn't look much like Chewie and there isn't a person on the planet who would say this looked like Carrie Fisher or Harrison Ford.


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