10 Things You Need To Know About X-Men's Domino

If you're looking for information on Domino, you're in luck.

Marvel Comics

Ever since that fantastic Ferris Bueller reference at the end of the first Deadpool movie, we've all been desperate for details on the sequel.

Along with a trickle of details, the two biggest bits of info is that fellow mutants and X-Force members Cable and Domino will be showing up. We're still waiting to find out who'll be playing Cable, with a new actor rumoured on a near weekly basis, but we do know who'll be playing Domino.

Thanks to an appropriately silly tweet from Ryan Reynolds (really that's how all news should be delivered), it was revealed that Atlanta actress Zazie Beetz will be bringing Neena Thurman to the big screen.

A lot of people though, might not necessarily know all that much about Domino. She's been a close ally to the X-Men and a long-standing member of X-Force, but she hasn't necessarily had as much exposure as some of Marvel's other mutants, spending most of her time out of the limelight.

Well, in a very thematically appropriate bit of good luck, this list is here to fill you in on all the facts you need to know on the X-Men's top mercenary and Wade Wilson's newest co-star.

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