10 Times Batman Outsmarted Everyone

So... could the Dark Knight beat Captain America?

DC Comics

Even to those who aren't huge DC fans, it's pretty obvious that Batman is one of the smartest superheroes in its universe, if not arguably the single smartest superhero out there (limited human capabilities aside).

As such, the peak of many Batman comics - and comics that feature him either in a pivotal or supporting capacity - revolve around him outsmarting everyone he comes across. There are pretty much zero characters within DC that haven't come against Batman's incredible intellect, and the practically paranoid level of planning that he carries out.

While this list includes insanely powerful villain like Darkseid and Metron, even his own superhero team isn't beyond beating outwitted by the Dark Knight's elaborate schemes, despite the fact it serves to make him one of the more unpopular members of the team as a whole.

Whether it proves that Batman has god-tier intellect and tactical knowledge, or just that he's really, really bad at trusting anyone but himself is unclear. But what is clear is that if you spend more than three minutes in a room with the masked vigilante, chances are he's constructed a plan to destroy you - and it's surprisingly one of his most endearing qualities.


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