10 Times Batman Was Humiliated

You'd brood too if you got beat up by a chair.

DC Comics

As a bastion of badassery, it can be difficult to think of Batman as someone who ends up in humiliating situations. Situations where he loses, sure, but for some reason embarrassment seems so far out of Bruce Wayne's ballpark that it's almost physically uncomfortable to try and imagine it.

But you don't need to imagine it, as plenty of comics have the Dark Knight get into some pretty cringe-inducing scrapes, covering just about every mortifying experience a human can go through - and several more that only a superhero could experience.

In a way, it's kind of endearing, as there are few ways better to console yourself when something embarrassing happens to you than to remind yourself that even imaginary hyper-competent superheroes have pissed their pants every once in a while.

It's always weird to see - and even weirder to try and take as legitimate comic canon - but these moments remind us that Batman is well and truly human, and as such, capable of experiencing humiliation just like the rest of us.

Well, except that time he was defeated by a chair. Most of us hopefully won't experience that.


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