10 Times DC Comics Lost Their Damn Minds

Because when you're out of good ideas, do porn.

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DC comics are weird. Now, that might seem like a fairly obvious comment about a world where every billionaire's favourite pastime is dressing up in spandex and punching the mentally ill. However, even by that standard, DC comics are weird.

DC have a long and proud history of publishing stories that sit firmly on the fictional side of science fiction. At their best, they can be tales packed full of wonder and imagination, set on an almost unimaginably huge scale. At their worst, they make absolutely no god damn sense at all.

These are the kind of stories that make Superman turning into a sentient Duracell seem perfectly reasonable. That was just a misguided attempt to revitalise a stale brand. No, these are stories so bizarre it's a struggle to comprehend how an actual fellow human being ever looked at the plot outline and thought it was OK.

Looking back at their history, there were times when DC just flat out didn't care about making sense. There were plots that don't adhere to any sort of logic, superhumans forced to work menial jobs and a lot of weird superhero kinkiness, so very much superhero kinkiness.

Strap yourselves in, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

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