10 Times Superheroes Became Public Enemy Number One

Spidey... How COULD you?!

Marvel Comics

On a legal level, being a superhero is a complicated profession. The job title alone is pretty questionable - as often costumed vigilantes are technically considered illegal, but given a free pass because they decrease your chances of getting your face burnt off by a supervillain's laser.

But this doesn't mean that heroes are always given the green light, both in legal terms and in terms of public opinion. In fact, it's really easy for superheroes to suddenly appear like a huge villain to the general public, which quickly turns into them being considered a criminal whose arrest is a priority, which is understandable given that most superheroes could topple a city in the rough space of time we would consider a lunch break.

Though this is often for fair reasons, it's equally interesting when it's not, as many comics take the time to remind us how easily the public can be influenced by newspapers and the media. In short? These comics also have a handy life lesson at the same time.

Either way, seeing costumed crusaders suddenly become public enemy number one is always a treat - even if it's one that's generally quite short-lived.


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