10 Times Superheroes Defeated Themselves

More evil Batmen than the naked eye can comprehend.

DC Comics

Think of any single superhero - in DC or Marvel - and there's a hefty chance that they have some kind of evil clone, alternate universe self, or other doppelganger lurking in the woodwork. Although often an overused trope, it's undeniable that seeing a hero fight their exact double is always a welcome prospect - as there's always the chance that this counterpart may be able to take said hero down.

Indeed, these evil twins have resulted in some of the weirdest and wildest storylines of both recent and classic comic history, as moments like Captain America becoming a secret neo-Nazi, or Batman beating himself up with his mother's tombstone (no, seriously) are simply unforgettable.

Although not every comic that features a superhero fighting themselves is beloved - best illustrated by the reviled Secret Empire - they still deserve recognition for using a classic staple of comics in new and innovative ways, or giving us a fight scene that's cool enough that we don't mind if it's not.

With evil owls, questionable robots, and romantic suits of armor galore, there's unlikely to be a shortage of fights between superheroes and their doppelgangers anytime soon.


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