10 Times Superheroes Defeated Themselves

10. Captain America Fights Hydra Captain America - Secret Empire

Marvel Comics

Few events had garnered such a powerful reaction as the reveal that Captain America had been altered to instead be a covert member of the evil Nazi HYDRA organisation.

As such, when it was revealed that the real Captain America still existed, fans went berserk with joy, having more or less slandered Marvel for months about the questionable decision to make their WW2 icon a secret neo-Nazi.

As though making up for this, the fight the pair have at the end of Secret Empire is perhaps one of the most satisfying battles the House of Imagination served up in a while, the highlight of which involves the legit Captain America launching his doppelganger into the sky with the hammer of Thor, asserting for once and for all that this Cap is the 'worthy' one, as the other version of him is unable to lift Mjolnir when he tries.


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