10 Times The Punisher Humiliated Everyone

9. Valley Forge, Valley Forge

Marvel Comics

Coming at the end of Garth Ennis's seminal run on Punisher: MAX, Valley Forge, Valley Forge is one of the writer's more thoughtful takes on the character. Here, the US government - specifically a table of utterly corrupt military generals - has finally had enough of the Punisher's behaviour, and looses a team of elites upon him.

Castle's rule of not killing the innocent is barely tested by the team assembled to take him down. Although they pose more of a threat than your average gangbanger (or even Avenger on a bad day), Frank frequently makes the team look like rookies, running rings around them on the battlefield (with help from the old grenade-with-the-pin-still-in-it trick, among a few others).

After being released by their Colonel - who, it is revealed, owes his life to Frank in Vietnam - the Punisher sets his own sights on the crooked generals who dared take him on.

Needless to say, like common mobsters, they end up dead too.


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