10 Unbelievable Retcons That Changed Comics For The Better

Wolverine's claws weren't always as cool as you think they are...

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Every time something changes in comic books, there will always be a tsunami of outcry. “Worst. Thing. Ever.” has become the cattle call for any sort of change to the status quo, even when there’s very little status quo to be had. This happens with reboots, shifts in directions and, the most common ticket to ride the hate-train: the dreaded retcon!

Retcons are a marvellously weird thing in long term storytelling. In a film, the surprise reveal that the guy killed in the cold opener is still alive to betray the hero in the third act is a now-standard plot device. No one ever decries that twist as having betrayed the spirit of the first five minutes of the film. But in a TV show or a comic book, it becomes the point of contention that causes waves of hate, ire, or even just plain annoyance.

However, there have been retcons that have done good. The principle seems to be after the flood of complaints recede, and time is allowed to pass, these retcons are either accepted en masse, or there is legitimately positive feedback in the wake of the initial shock surrounding the change. The following, however, are undoubtedly the best to have graced the medium.


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