10 Underpowered Characters Who Shouldn't Have Beaten Major Comics Villains

10. Squirrel Girl Vs. Thanos

Marvel Comics

In a move that divides comic fans between loving and hating her, Squirrel Girl has historically had a gimmick of defeating all-powerful villains off-page - a gimmick that began with her defeat of Thanos in the Great Lakes Avengers Christmas Special, wherein she takes a couple panels off being with the team to somehow smack down one of Marvel's most insanely powerful major villains.

It's totally played for comedy, as Squirrel Girl's powers - while not as weak as her name may suggest - are nowhere near the amount Thanos is supposed to have, let alone enough to let her take him down with the kind of effort it takes some people to eat a grilled cheese sandwich.

On a practical level, this is exactly what makes her defeat of Thanos so good - purposefully playing with the idea that the Mad Titan in unbeatable.

While it has produced endless rage-fodder for some fans, Squirrel Girl beating Thanos is a peak moment of the Christmas Special, if only for showing some lighthearted comedy.

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