10 Unused X-Men Villains MCU Phase 4 Could Introduce

New Mutants? How about some New Villains? We've seen plenty of Magneto and Dark Phoenix.

Marvel Comics

We're finally getting "The New Mutants" movie that has been on ice for a couple years now. Technically, it will be the first MCU film to introduce audiences to mutants. How that movie will fit in...thats's for another article.

Nothing has been announced yet as far as for when we'll actually get that first MCU X-Men movie. We could speculate on which heroes will be rebooted to make their first MCU appearance. But today, we're going to look ahead at how Disney/Marvel can start utilizing some of the recently acquired baddies at their disposal.

Marvel will need to try something unexpected to set their version far apart from what came in the very recent mutant past. Magneto (played magnificently by both Sir Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender) has been heavily featured in just about every mutant movie that Fox released. You might even be feeling a bit of fatigue at seeing the character. The same goes for Mystique.

Let's see some fresh faces with new motivations, and how the MCU could start incorporating these unused, powerful villains into upcoming films...

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