10 Upcoming Comic Book Films (And Who Should Direct Them)

Brad Bird on Superman simply has to happen!

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Over the years, comic book films haven't managed to really shirk behind the scenes drama. Patty Jenkins famously departed Thor: The Dark World a few years back, Edgar Wright dropped out of Marvel's Ant-Man, and the path to Matt Reeves' Batman reboot has been anything but smooth.

While these examples illustrate that both Marvel and DC are no strangers to behind-the-scenes controversy or critically poor releases, it's also true that both companies have produced some truly inspired directorial choices in recent years. Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman shone, and the MCU continues to reach new critical heights under the stewardship of Joe and Anthony Russo.

They exemplify how directors can really elevate a project for the better, and with Creed's Ryan Coogler inevitably guiding Black Panther to critical and commercial stardom, both companies have an eye for what does and doesn't fit their universes. David Ayer aside.

It’s not just the big two either: Neil Marshall’s involvement in the upcoming Hellboy reboot makes perfect sense, given his horror credentials.

But what of those up and coming features? Who would best suit them?

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