10 Villains Who Became X-Men

10. Pyro

Marvel Comics

Most recently, the X-men have welcomed Pyro into their X-men Gold roster. Now, this isn't the original Pyro who was killed by the legacy virus, but rather a mutant called Simon Lasker who took up the mantle. Unlike the original Pyro who could only manipulate flame, Simon can both create and manipulate fire.

Simon first appeared in a new iteration of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants alongside Avalanche and Mesmero dressed as the original Pyro. Both he and Avalanche were unaware that Mesmero was being bankrolled by Anti-mutant spokesperson Lydia Nance so once Simon was freed from Mesmero's influence, he asked to join the X-men to atone for the damage he'd done to mutants in the public eye.

Although some X-men had their reservations over this, they're quickly reminded of their history of giving former villains a chance with positive results. Currently, Simon is part of Kitty Pryde's X-men Gold team under the tutelage of Iceman.

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