10 Villains Who Need To Appear In The MCU

Marvel's heroes might be super, but their villains are anything but...

Marvel Comics

No other production company has managed to consistently churn out critically and commercially successful hits quite like Marvel Studios. They produce movies that are colourful, exciting, and generally faithful to their source material, and have helped to make the comic book movie the most popular genre on the planet. One criticism that is regularly levelled at them, though, is that they’re really lacking in the villain department.

The MCU’s heroes might be smart, well-drawn and likeable characters, but their antagonists are often either dull, one-note characters devoid of charisma, or abstract, otherworldly beings with murky motivations that feel completely disconnected from anything else in the movie.

To date, the only MCU villains to become as popular as their corresponding heroes either appear on Marvel’s Netflix series’, or are named Loki. For every Kilgrave or Kingpin, there seem to be over a dozen Yellowjackets or Malekiths, bad guys with little else to do other than be a punching bag for our plucky heroes.

But Marvel’s comics are actually littered with provocative, understandable, and most importantly for Disney, easily marketable villains just waiting to be adapted for the big screen.

If Kevin Feige wants to keep his comic book behemoth at the top of its game, he might want to think about incorporating some of the following...


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