10 Ways Matt Reeves Can Reboot Batman

9. Make Him A Master Detective

Warner Bros.

Batman is the greatest detective in the DC Universe, and there have even been times when his investigative skills make Sherlock look clueless.

You'll wouldn't know if from his previous on-screen outings, as a few scenes depicting the hero tinkering about on the Batcave computer only begins to scratch the surface.

We need a reboot with the Caped Crusader in full detective mode - and we're not talking about making the screen a mess of colours a la the Arkham video games.

Matt Reeves has the right idea, as he once described his take on the character as "an almost noir-driven, detective version of Batman" with overtones of Alfed Hitchcock.

Those words are a breath of fresh air sweeping through Gotham City, so let's hope this vision remains intact after the filmmaker has wiped the slate clean.


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