10 Weird And Wonderful Alternate Versions Of Spider-Man

10. Spider-Cat

Marvel Comics

He's a cat. A cat with Spider-Man powers... is that not enough? Seemingly granted powers via the Spider Totem, Spider-Cat is your average, run of the mill cat by day and a crime fighter...also by day.

Though he may have entered the fray mostly as a joke character in Spider-Island volume 11, Spider-Cat has some interesting aspects to him.

After all, there's an old saying that no hero is as good as his villain, so what would people say about Spider-Cat's arch-nemesis 'Venom Pigeon'? That it was utterly stupid? No, they would say it was brilliant; because it is. Through a variety of scuffles and fights unseen by the reader, Spider-Cat had lost several of his nine lives to Venom Pigeon, so you know he has to be as badass as he sounds.

Sadly we never see a climactic final battle between these adversaries as Spider-Cat met his end in the Amazing Spider-Man during the Spider-Verse story arc. Bora and Brix caught him during The Great Hunt and absorbed his life energy, not before mocking him a little, of course. Probably wouldn't have happened to a Spider-Dog though.


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