10 Weird DC Heroes You Won't Believe Exist

You don't need to have cool powers to be a hero.

DC Comics

DC Comics has been churning out superheroes for over 80 years now. A lot of them, like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman became iconic and are now loved around the world. Others were less lucky, forgettable heroes with derivative powers and origins who were quickly tossed aside and abandoned.

This list is about a third group though, the DC superheroes who live in the middle-ground. They're a weird group of misfits who prove that DC is willing to try just about anything. They're too unique and memorable to be completely forgotten, but way too bizarre to ever stand a chance of making it in the big leagues.

Luckily this list is here to give these characters the respect they deserve and immortalise them for all time (or at least until this article disappears from the front page of the website).

The heroes on this list are unconventional and even a little bit spooky in some cases, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're bad. In fact some of them are pretty damn great, but they are all incredibly strange.

Including unusually powered teens, talking animals and even ghostly vehicles, here are ten insanely weird DC superheroes that you won't believe are actually real.

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