10 Weird Marvel Villains You Won't Believe Exist

They may not be the baddest, but they're certainly the strangest.

Marvel Comics

Marvel have created some classic villains over the years. From the Red Skull to the Green Goblin, they are characters whose cool designs and powers have ensured that they've stuck around through the decades to menace their archenemies.

They can be pretty weird though. Heck, one of Marvel's strongest villains is a planet eating giant in a purple antler helmet and he's one of the good ones. A lot of the House of Idea's villains aren't even that lucky.

Most superheroes have fought hundreds, if not thousands of enemies over the course of their respective comics and it can be a real struggle for each one to stand out from the rest of the costumed criminals. This has led to writers pulling out some pretty strange ideas for new villains.

With a mix of outrageous costumes and bizarre powers, these characters exist in a sort of awkward middle ground of the Marvel Universe. They're too weird to ever be considered a major part of any heroes rogues' gallery and yet too unique to ever be chucked on the same pile of rejects along with the likes of the Termite (when you're a poor man's Melter, you definitely deserve to be forgotten)...


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