10 Weirdest Comic Crossovers Of All Time

Providing the KFC/DC crossover we never knew we needed.

DC Comics

Much like any kind of comic, crossovers are created for a whole host of reasons. Between being original, being creative, and sometimes just being plain weird, creative teams have a peculiar habit of making the weirdest content they can – sometimes solely because they can.

The one difference between regular comics and crossovers, however, is that weird crossovers can get so much stranger, so much faster. All you have to do is say a phrase like ‘The Punisher Meets Archie’, and a subconscious part of your brain immediately begins screaming in sheer disbelief.

In this case, comics publishers far and wide have engaged with their fair share of wacky crossovers, to the point where they've collaborated with TV shows, films, and even fast-food chains to varying degrees of success.

It’s a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it’s impossible to not be interested in seeing something like Attack on Titan feature in a superhero comic. On the other, it’s also impossible to not be more than a little weirded out, either because the two franchises really don’t work together, or because they do when they really shouldn’t. Either way, you’re left with a comic you can never forget – much as you may try to.


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