10 Worst Parents In Marvel History

That's a lot of dead children, Wolverine...

Marvel Comics

Parents in comic books are infrequently around – after all, the vast majority of backstories generally include their tragic and dramatic deaths. While this trend was basically created by DC - via Superman's backstory - rivals Marvel have balanced it out over the years by having an equally tragic kind of parent, namely awful ones.

One of the most interesting things about the terrible parents in Marvel's comics is that even heroes can become them. While we expect this from on-and-off anti-heroes like Mystique or Wolverine, even total do-gooders like Cyclops can succumb to being pretty awful to their kids given the right context.

There's no one type of person that equals a bad parent - in the same way all bad Marvel parents do different things to deserve the title. The one thing that does change is how this affects the kids, as terrible parenting either inspires kids to do better and be good, or makes them worse than they would have been anyway.

Between throwing children in wells, bringing them on deadly missions, and just being plain awful to them, here are 10 sure signs that the Marvel universe has a lot of well-paid child psychiatrists.


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