10 X-Men Characters Most SHAFTED By The Movies

10. Warpath

Warpath X-Men Days of Future Past

Warpath is already pretty underused in Marvel's own comics, so it was probably a given that he'd suffer the same fate in the films as well.

Portrayed by Booboo Stewart in 2014's Days of Future Past, Warpath featured briefly in the film's equally underused dystopian timeline where he was promptly killed by an invading Sentinel. The knife-wielding mutant was resurrected shortly thereafter, but neither he nor Blink or Sunspot appeared in the film's final sequence once the future had been reset.

It's a major waste either way, and though there's a chance the character could appear in the upcoming X-Force, with the future of the franchise still in doubt, it's unlikely to happen.

Warpath could've been Fox's new Wolverine. Instead, he ended his time with the franchise with a measly five minutes of screen-time.

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