10 X-Men Graphic Novels You Must Read Before You Die

These 10 books will definitely create a Storm...

Marvel Comics

When Jack Kirby and Stan Lee first introduced the X-Men into the Marvel Universe, it's doubtful they ever envisioned that their team of mutants would become such an integral part of not just the Marvel Universe, but of the comics medium too.

When they first started out in 1963, most of their stories wouldn't last more than a few issues at a time, as Stan and Jack looked to keep readers interested by introducing new villains and arcs every few months or so. But as time went on, and fans started to look for greater depth to the characters they were investing so much time in, the books became more intricate and the plots followed suit.

Some 56 years later and they are still going strong. They're still selling by the truckload, and not just the books but the merchandise as well, and they've even had a few movies made about them, with varying degrees of success.

With all that past and all that history to look back on, it's time to take a closer peek at what comics made Marvel's most Uncanny team so special, and the ones every fan should read, given the opportunity.


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