11 Most Ludicrous Superhero Origin Stories Of All-Time

url-14 Panel one. We see a planet cracking under immense pressure. Caption: Doomed Planet. Panel two shows us a husband and wife, embracing as the calamity consumes them. Caption: Desperate Scientists. In panel three, we see a spaceship scape the catastrophe that has destroyed the planet it was launched form. Caption: Last Hope. Panel four. We see a POV shot as an old couple look down upon us. Caption: Kindly Couple. The first page of Grant Morrison€™s All Star Superman gives us a concise and heartfelt summary of Superman€™s origins in four panels. Morrison manages to distill Superman€™s entire origin into one simple, yet utterly effective page. It€™s a great beginning for the most famous superhero of them all. From the day that Joe Schuster and Jerry Siegel put pen to paper and scratched the first etching of what would become Krypton€™s last son, through €œKing€ Jack Kirby and Stan Lee's pantheon of God-Men, to Alan Moore€™s operatic epics, Superheroes have taken us through some of the most affecting, personal stories that have ever been told... and they all had to start somewhere. There's more than one way to become a superhero... some great, some not so great. From being bitten by radioactive bugs, hit by asteroids, inhaling experimental gasses and shot by rays from other dimensions - the catalyst for a superhero gaining their powers are varied. Some are tragic (Batman), some are profound (Watchmen€™s Dr Manhattan), whereas some€ well some are completely and unbelievably lame. For every millionaire playboy orphan, for each alien Ubermensch sent to Earth, there are plenty of ridiculous reasons for superhero beginnings€ some are absolutely ludicrous. Here are the 10 most ludicrous superhero origin stories of all-time.
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