12 Best Justice League Episodes

The best episodes from one of the best animated TV series ever put to screen.

Warner Bros.

One of the best written shows not only of the era, but of the past few decades, Justice League - and its followup Justice League Unlimited - were both enjoyable, intelligent series' that were able to replicate the tight, masterful storytelling of its predecessors (such as Batman: The Animated Series, among others) but on a much larger, team-based scale.

They were mature, action-packed and enjoyed as much by adults as the kids they were being aired to. In these shows, the creators always had something important to say, and weren't afraid to say it, even when their medium was classified as a 'children's cartoon'.

This isn't even mentioning the show's fantastic art direction, animation, and musical score, as well as the legendary voice acting cast by the equally legendary Andrea Romano.

A series enshrined in the memories of all the 90s and early 2000s kids who watched it, Justice League and its Unlimited followup were a masterclass in animated television. And as hard as it is to pick only twelve out of almost a hundred compelling stories, here's a list of some of the series' best episodes, showcasing the best examples of its storytelling prowess.


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