12 Famous Superheroes Who Completely Swapped Sex

If your characters begin to wane, just slap on a pair of breasts or testicles and send them on their way.

Sometimes, comic book characters are in for a serious makeover, whether because sales are flagging, or there's been a fundamental change in the comic book universe that requires men to be ladies (it happens) or just simply because someone got bored and drew Batman with boobs. Despite the fact that heroes are built on mythology, and that they have brands that can inspire readers to win their own personal battles, these shining symbols all begin to lose their shine, prompting comic book publishers to alter something about them. Sometimes they're rebooted entirely, or temporarily killed (or at least sent to Hell,) and sometimes they're just made to look a bit different, with a new outfit, or a new haircut, or something. Change is inevitable, after all. But sometimes, those changes can be significantly more affecting than others. While some publishers make their heroes go through a wardrobe change, others go further by having them change which toilets they use. In this list, and in celebration of the comic book world's fondness for gender bending, we're looking at some of the most iconic superhero characters who have had to surrender their genitals for a whole new, and fundamentally different, set. As a rule, no clones allowed (though there have been a significant number of them, when the writers only want to stick to a bit of a cop-out change.) Brace yourselves for this one since all comic book super heroes are apparently fair game for a significantly life altering gender reassignment proceedure, including some of your own favourites.

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